Hello and welcome!

I’m so happy you’re here. My name is Vaso Fast the owner/operator of Fast Photography!
If you’re here it’s for one of a couple reason and I’m really hoping its for a boudoir session or your wedding. These two sessions are my pride and joy. The reason I am building my business.

I will never get enough of hanging out in my studio getting to know a complete stranger and leave feeling like i’ve made a new friend! Watching a women bloom and build confidence is so amazing. Not to mention making some beautiful images!

Wedding is a different thrill for me. I LOVE, love! So finding out how you met, how you interact, how you talk with one another is something I will never get tired of. Being apart of one of the most important days of you life is completely amazing!

So lets do this! Lets get to know each other and create and capture some amazing moments.

Talk next week!
Vaso Fast

Vaso Fast