My name is Vaso Fast and I'm a photographer, dog mom and a wife so in love with her husband! I live in Winnipeg and LOVE traveling around the world. One of my absolute favourite things about traveling is getting to take pictures in a new location, am ready and willing to travel for your session at the drop of a hat!

My biggest goal is to make sure every single client feels like family. My goal is to make sure you feel appreciated, taken care of, and beautiful!

I always tried to come up with a photography name but Vaso Fatouros Photography seemed just a bit too much. Between the spelling and pronunciation I knew it wasn’t the best name. So when I married my husband and became a Fast I knew instantly I had a name that worked.

I can’t get enough of meeting couples in new locations. I grew up camping in the Big Whiteshell with a cabin in Grindstone. So exploring new areas is something I have been doing since I was a child.


I was the extroverted one in my family. You know the one that would go out and introduce myself because I always wanted to know more about people. I’ve always wanted to know their whole life stories. Now I get to make a living doing that!

It’s my passion to capture beautiful memories for my clients; Every single person has a unique story, and I make it my mission to hear about every one of them!